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kevin and allision wedding dance
Andrew Testimonial
megans couple testimonial
wedding first dance couple
Amanda wedding dance testimonial
First Dance Testimonial
Andrew Testimonial

Andrew Loiacano

"We used this for our wedding. It was one of the best things we did. The videos were easy to follow and very helpful. Our dance was awesome and so many guests commented on it!"



First Dance Testimonial

Megan Clarkson

"Wow I can't believe we pulled it off. Everything worked just like we practiced from the videos. Thanks to you and the team for helping us create our perfect first dance"



Regan Payne

"My dad and I live across the country. With COVID, we haven't been able to see much of each other this year. Ahead of my wedding, we both practiced dancing with The Father Daughter Dance virtual lessons! We had an absolute blast and shocked ourselves that we both learned to dance! When we met in person we were already proficient. It was a lot of fun to do together, from afar. This is the perfect curriculum for dads and daughters who are new to dancing and want to have a special wedding dance!"

dance testimonial
kevin and allision wedding dance

Alison Kerstein

"We used this course for a surprise dance to perform for our first dance at our wedding. It was such a fun and rewarding experience! If you're looking for a fun bonding experience with your fiance, you'll love this course!"



father daughter dance

Alison Kerstein

"I also used the videos to dance with my dad! There were so many moves to choose from that he loved picking out the ones that he liked!"

wedding dance lessons online testimonial
brian b testimonial
Amanda wedding dance testimonial

Amanda Wesley

"Not sure if you saw this photo, but it’s my absolute favorite from the day. It’s the one capturing the exact moment of the big dip. It says it all for me. It was the point where I knew we had done it. Relief and exhilaration wrapped into one second in time. Once again, we appreciate your course for making this the absolute hit of the evening. They are still talking about “the dance."


beach wedding dance

Janie Best

"John and I did it! The basics we learned worked perfectly even on the beach. Everyone was surprised that we looked like we knew what we were doing. Even out dip and the end went well."



Ashley & Michael

"We used the youtube worthy course for our first dance. It was really fun to learn the steps from home. We never laughed so hard. Even though we were super busy, we never worried about our dance because could always watch the videos and practice at home. Thanks for making our first dance awesome!?

wedding lessons online review

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Wedding Dance Basics

The 3 Hour Wedding Dance

Wedding right around the corner? Don't have a lot of time? Create a great first dance in just a couple hours!

Wedding Dance Moves

A YouTube Worthy Wedding

Want a amazing wedding dance that will wow your guests? Follow our easy 3 step process to create a dance that's sure to impress!

Wedding Dance Choreography

Customized Choreography

Got the perfect song and a vision of exactly what you want your first dance to look like? We will make it come to reality!

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