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Hey there,

My name is Brian B. I'm a professional dancer from Louisville KY. Sure, I'm a "champion dancer" and I've traveled the world teaching people to dance... But that's not why you're here.

So let's talk wedding dancing!

I've been personally helped over one thousand people prepare for their first dance.

With the help of my staff I've taken everything I've learned and created the perfect online learning resources to help you have the dance of your dreams!

We are Wedding Dance & Online Learning Experts!

We've taught thousands of people to learn to dance.

Since 2005 we've helped over a thousand couples to prepare for their first dance right from our studio in Louisville KY

Since 2013 we've produced over 600 instructional videos and we currently teach tens of thousands of people each year online.

Today we're excited to share the best of what we know about wedding dances with you through our on-demand video courses!

It's a team effort!

Your Instructors

Meet your instructor and our customer service staff.

Brian B & Emily Larsen

Yep that's me! My real last name is Barakauskas but I go by Brian B. This is Emily Larsen. She's been dancing since she was 3 and she loves weddings so she is the perfect person to create an amazing wedding dance for you!

Brian B & Emily

Jo Ann (my mom & our customer service rep)

Yep Jo Ann is my mom and has been working for us for almost 9 years now. If you call in with a question you're likely to talk to her. Rest assured you're gonna love our courses and service with mom around!

Trusted by thousands of couples

We love about the success of our couples. Hear in their own words why they love wedding lesson online!

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